Mediteran NB

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Product description

Nitro base paint is an anti-corrosive paint used for metal protection as the basic color for Nitro enamels, Nitro effect varnishes and Wood and metal enamels. The substrate must be well-degreased, clean and dry. Before use, the contents should be well mixed. It is applied by spraying or by brush, and if necessary, dilute Nitro with Chemco chemistry processor. Applying the next layer is possible after 6h.

R10 Flammable
R20/22 Harmful if inhaled and if swallowed
S24/25 Prevent contact with skin and eyes
S29 Do not discharge into drains
S45 In case of accident or nausea, immediately seek medical advice

Key informations

Shelf life:The product can be used for 2 years from the date indicated on the packaging.
Packaging:0.8kg and 20/1
Storage:If kept in original packaging and in dry conditions (+ 5- + 35˚C)
Covering area:With 1l, you can paint 8-10m² in one layer.