Mediteran R

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Product description

Radiator lacquer is designed for outdoor and indoor works on metal and wooden substrates: metal structures, fences, pipelines, metal fittings, construction carpentry, radiators, wooden floors and others. Mediterranean R possesses good elasticity and surface purity, high gloss and good resistance to atmospheric influences.

When it comes to the metal substrate MEDITERAN R is applied through the basic anti-corrosion paint (1-2 layers) in the thickness of 30-40 micrometers of dry film. For wooden floors, it is applied in 2-3 layers. In the construction carpentry Mediteran R is applied as a finish coating after impregnation of fir and one layer of basic oil paint for wood. It is applied by brush, roller, classic spray gun or airless pistol. It is diluted with oil diluent.

Key informations

Shelf life : 24 months
Packaging:0.7kg, 0.2kg and 20/1
Storage:Store in dry area at a temperature of 5-30ºC.