About us

"CHEMCO" doo is company engaged in the production and distribution of goods and services, paints and varnishes for the protection and decoration of metals and wood and construction coatings and road colors. The company "Chemco" is a privately owned limited liability company.

The company is registered in Kragujevac, at the adress 27th of March, No. 19 and the production plant is located in Badnjevac, the municipality of Batocina. This company places its products and services on the domestic market and on the foreign market. The association was founded and enrolled on 15th of November, 1991. in the Register of the Commercial Court in Kragujevac under the registration number 1-3815-0, and registered in the Register of Companies under the number BD20114 from 13th June 2005 and in accordance with the Law on Business Enterprises. Based on the data from the regular annual financial report, the company is classified into a small legal entity. Since its establishment, the company has never reported losses in its financial statements.


Our vision is to become one of the leading companies for paints and varnishes in the domestic market, and a significant exporter into neighboring countries and countries of the former Yugoslavia, which, by its constatnt process improvements, innovativeness and creativity of its employees achieves new business standards, faster than others.


Our vision is to provide our costumers with quality, technologically up-to-date and environmentally friendly and cost-competitive products, quality service, fast delivery and other services. We are going to follow the trends in the development worldwide, especially with regard to achieving better quality systems of protection and especially systems which facilitate the application and which protect the environment. As for our employees, we are going to give them the pleasure of additional training, creative work and earnings. We want to be a responsible member of community, who, by its own example of conducting business and designed social actions, acts on the wellbeing of society.


  • Achieving customer satisfaction, with recognizable quality, timely and reliable delivery.
  • Products must have high quality and be in the ranking of world manufacturers.
  • Establishing, maintaining and improving long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Continuous improvement of quality management, as a way of life and work in the company.
  • Conquering new markets.
  • Achieving economical production of high quality and consistent quality, in accordance with customers' requirements, with a constant cost-reduction.
  • Employees' safety and health are priority.
  • Our care for the community will be reflected through our investment in it, through preserving and improving the environment.
  • By their top professionalism and responsibility towards the company, family and society, employees of the company "CHEMCO" doo contribute to the achievement of the stated goals.