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Product description

Nitro base wood (grund) is made on the basis of quality synthetic resins in combination with nitrocellulose, fillers and appropriate solvents and additives. It is used for priming wooden surfaces as substrates for subsequent painting with nitro enamels, polyurethanes and others.It is distinguished by quick drying, good adhesion, good elasticity and easy to grind. After drying, it is possible to apply other coatings. Nitro base color for wood is applied on a brushed, dry, defatted wooden surface with a gun, brush or dampening. Mix well before use. For thinning paint and wash tools use nitro thinner.

Key informations

Shelf life:2 years in the original packaging at a temperature of +5 - 25 ° C
Covering area: With 1 kg of paint can be coated 6-8 m² in one layer