Product description

Sadol with wax is a lacquer varnish based on synthetic resins, photo stable pigments, additives with fungicidal and insecticidal properties and corresponding types of wax. It is used for outdoor and indoor works, for the refinement and decorative protection of wood, subject to atmospheric influence. Sadol with wax is produced as colorless and in shades. Mix well before applying. It is diluted with oily thinner. Before use, you should properly clean and dry the surface. Apply with brush, roller or sponge. It is recommended to use Sadol without wax in the same shade before using Sadol with wax in one layer. The wax in this product serves to protect the wood from UV radiation, as well as the filter of water penetration into wood, so it is ideal for all wood surfaces exposed to rain and snow. It is recommended to apply in one layer.

Key informations

Packaging: 0.75l and 3l
Covering area:0.75 l Saddle with wax covers 6-8 m² of surface per layer. Dilute with CHEMCO oily thinner
Drying:Between 12-24 hours