Product description

Universal enamel for the protection and decoration of wood and metal objects in the interior and exterior. It has high gloss, good coverage, It is easy to apply and it diffuses perfectly. It is recommended as a final coating in this protection and decoration system. Characteristics and use: For the protection and decoration of wood, it can be applied individually or in a system with some of the basic coatings (Oil basic wood for wood, lantern wood protection). For application with a brush, roller or spray, it should be diluted with 5-10% of an oil solvent.

Key informations

Packaging:0.20l, 0.75l and 5l
Covering area:Depending on the application and type of substrate 7-9 m2/l in one layer.
Drying:Applying the next layer or coating is suggested after 24 hours or, wet on wet after 5-6 hours.